About Rocro

Our Story

Back in spring 2015, Tomoaki Kobayakawa and Yoshiyuki Mineo, both Sony employees at the time, realized that the teams working on large-scale software developments spend significant amounts of time to review source code, generate and manage API documents, and perform load testing. To make developers’ life easier, they developed three SaaS tools aimed to be used by Sony’s internal software development teams. The results were enthusiastic. Thus, in September 2017, they decided to establish a new company- Rocro Inc. Those three products, Inspecode, Docstand, and Loadroid - are now available to the public.

Our Goals

Our goal is to make better experiences for developers. We believe that anyone should be able to build high-quality software without spending vast amounts of time on other activities than developing new features. Rocro’s SaaS tools empower developers by giving them the tools to accelerate software development and improve their CI workflows. By using Inspecode, Loadroid, and Docstand, development teams will get the desired results easier and quicker than using traditional on-premise solutions.

Leadership Team

Rocro is not only proud of its innovative technology, but also on the talent of its people. The company is quickly growing under the leadership of our experienced executives:

Tomoaki Kobayakawa
CEO, Rocro Inc., a subsidiary of Sony Network Communications

Yoshiyuki Mineo
CTO, Rocro Inc., a subsidiary of Sony Network Communications